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Looking for a Complete Solution to Organise and Manage a Schools

Why smartschool plus?

Every Parent is searching for the best, smart school to make their children smart. We are helping schools to be smarter to do more than the expectations of parents with our integrated school management software “Smartschool Plus”. It has all the features for complete academic works. The tasks that consume a lot of time and manual effort can be performed within a few seconds and at ease.

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Simplified User interface

Smartschool plus can be interacted through a simpler interface. Just a minimum computer operating knowledge is enough to work with this software. This increases your productivity.

Quicker implementation

The product developed out of 30 years of experience. It needs lesser or no customization required. Implementation will be done in very short duration than expected.

Paperless Automation

Smartschool plus software helps you to automate your process in a paperless way. This increases your efficiency and you are supporting our ecosystem by not consuming paper.



It gives an outline to manage  all activities & information of student, staff, classes and subjects for an academic year. These all with an user friendly interface.

Admission (Online/Direct)

It helps to get statistics and plans for the admission process. The Secured total admission process from the issue of the application to completion of admission.

Online classes

Never stop teaching with the advanced features of this module that gives hi-quality Streams, Mobile Learning, Customizability and Adaptability, Multiple Tests and Assessments.

Student Information

Manage all information about the student and student performance. And Maintain Student profile with profile photo, and Activities on students(Remarks, promotion, leaving).

Staff Attendance

Provides features Instant Leave Application by staff and approval by principal and Maintain an information about the leave, on-duty, any permissions, late coming. And Multiple type of reports

Time Table

Generating timetable for each class, staff, and exam is now very easy. Multiple shift management, allocate weightage for staff, allocate class for staff, allot staff manually, allot Substitute staff can be done easily.


Maintain catalogue, journal subscription, membership details, circulation of books (Issue, Renew and Receive) and option to browse available books in the library. Various types of reports can be generated.

Front Office

Provision to Maintain visitor’s log, information about received and sent packages, to do list creation, circular creation, maintain call register, Gate-pass Automation. This increases the efficiency of the front office function.

Feed Back

We work buy-side and sell-side and give our clients hard-hitting and objective answers and focus hard on the best opportunities.

Student Attendance

Maintains the complete attendance information of student. Relevant details like late coming, absent, permissions will be sent to concerned including the parents.


Helps to plan and execute the complete exam process. The advanced features includes define the exam structure and working days, generate the timetable, generation of hall ticket, admit card, mark sheet, and report card.

ID card

The ID card module helps to keep a record of the issue status of ID cards to students and staffs and other details related to it. If any student needs a new or duplicate ID cards the processing will be very fast.

Fee (Online/Offline)

Month wise, term wise, annual wise fee collection (Manual/online) is possible with this module. Provision is there is the app to pay the fees online by the parents through an integrated payment gateway.


Details about boarding fee, vehicle information, passengers, driver and assistance details etc. Supports GPS tracking. The parents can track the physical location of the vehicle in real time with the mobile app provided.


Provision to maintain the list of scholarship which is applied and received. And integration with the fee collection system.

Staff Information

Manage and maintain all profile and record of staff in every category(Teaching, Non- Teaching, Retired) with rapid accessibility. Multiple types of predefined reports.

Home Work

Assigning the homework, and enter the remarks and status by staff using mobile at ease and their convenience. And let the parents can be updated with these are information of their children.


Enables easy stocking, purchase etc. Manages the sales of the academic inventories such as books, stationaries, accessories etc. Tracking of assets can be done with a click that makes easy to work.


Our ERP has an integrated SMS gateway which enables the authorized persons to send bulk SMS. This can be used to give reminders for fee payment or meeting information, leave details, birthday wishes etc.


It manages the hostel booking, allotment, swapping, attendance management of hostellers with ease. The data can be viewed by all authorized persons within the organizaion.


Eases the registration of alumnus through online and pay online. Facility to search of friends within or with other batches.

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Our expertise is your gain

More than 500 Institutions have trusted us and satisfied with our solution/service and support. Smartschool Plus gives benefits to end-to-end users of educational institutions with the advanced mobile cum web application.

Experience in Education Sector – 20+ Years

Installed Schools 300Nos.
Students we serve 2,00,000 Nos.
Countries 4 Nos.








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